War on Plastics

War on Plastics

Taking the Planet for granted for The Sake of Convenience

With approximately one million plastic bottles thrown away every minute, studies have shown that by 2050, the Oceans’ fish could be outnumbered by the volume of discarded plastic bottles. If we think that approximately 71% of the Planet is made up of Oceans, it is an unbelievably disastrous statistic, and one that does not give much hope for the children of our children.

So Why are we Contributing to this mess, still?

Disposable plastic packaging was a product brought in to make life cheaper and easier, but the fact is, it is making our future look a lot less promising than we should have realised.

Thankfully, Scientists are finding solutions around this, but as both consumers and manufacturers, we must also work in synchronisation together, positively making a difference before it is too late.

This does not mean the plastic producer is the issue, it is the retailers with price-led directives, the public demanding cheaper products and you and I who can all, collectively and individually start to demand a difference, without going backwards on society’s convenience.

Plastic Alternatives

Polylactic Acid (PLA), and coconut-based substitutes are recent substrates that are trying to influence the war on plastic, without the compromise on performance demanded by us and without damaging the forests so crucial to the survival of life in general.

This does not give us licence to dump these alternative products anywhere we please. If a PLA product, for example, ends up in the sea, this is still pollution and completely defeats the object. If composted and disposed of correctly, these products provide nutrients back into the soil and is a huge step in the right direction.

Remember – Package, Protect and Promote – Don’t Polute!