Social Packaging – Influencing The Customer Experience

Social Packaging – Influencing The Customer Experience

Is Your Packaging having an Influence to it’s full Potential?

Packaging is so important to the customer’s experience with the product. It can be the difference between them having a fully satisfying experience, and getting an instant seed of disappointment before the product has been used. How would anyone even know? Yes, packaging can determine a customer’s decision to choose your product over another, so ask yourself how can packaging be memorable and encourage a customer to continue to buy the product?

Marketing and design is a key factor to initially get your product popular on the shelves, but could packaging be so memorable that the customer in-directly shares their full brand experience? The answer is yes! It is done through the power of something that is used everyday, in fact you are using it right now. The Internet!

How Can Packaging be Influenced by The Internet?

If the Internet can prove to provide libraries, supermarkets and even the Television industry with assistance and competition, can this be beneficial to the packaging of your product? Again, the answer is yes! With the Internet being the main provider of socialisation, your product could be there for everyone to be seen.

On YouTube, there are thousands of product reviews for people to experience the full brand experience before even seeing it in the flesh, and no matter what product it is, they always start with the same procedure; the “un-boxing” review.

Now being the first thing, surely this must be of some importance to the whole product, right? So this is how your customer can receive the full brand experience, as their satisfaction is from the very beginning of interaction with the product.

Is Your Packaging Self-Promoting?

Can you remember the last time you had something and thought “Wow, that packaging is cool?” Possibly not. Now, can you think of a time you posted a picture of a product you have bought in it’s packaging and posted it on Social Media, or seen someone else do it? It must be impressive for someone to share their appreciation on a social platform, and could encourage this experience to be memorable to others.

A study found that nearly 4 in 10 consumers would share an image of a delivery on Social Media if it came in a unique package. With this in mind, your product could become self-promoting or even trending on Social Media through the power of the Internet, combined with your creative and unique packaging.

So Where do I start?

Creating this memorable experience gives your customers satisfaction from sharing the product, as their way of re-paying their appreciation for a satisfying experience. So take some time assessing your packaging, consider the positive and unique factors of it and what you can do to make the packaging memorable, and shareable.