Simple Ways to Improve Your Packaging

Simple Ways to Improve Your Packaging

If you are considering a change to your packaging, or thinking of ways in which your packaging can be improved, here are 5 simple ways to help improve your packaging:

How Functional is Your Packaging?

Functionality is key, especially with delicate goods or food packaging. It is a convenience in which the customer will remember, and also appreciate the consideration put into the design. Think of it this way; can your packaging benefit your product when using/consuming it, or can it be re-used for storage, transportation? The re-useable advantage is something which could prove popular, and assisting the product itself is also a massive factor in the disposable and on-the-go world we live in.

Is it Unique?

Offering something different is attractive in human nature. If successful, it can create a new standard to competitors and provide a popular reputation to your brand. Despite similar products having packaging with the same concept, making your packaging unique can work in your favour to winning over consumers. Being unique is one thing, but this must be combined with being relevant to the product and consumer.

Sometimes Less is More

As long as it is/does what is says on your packaging, you’re already halfway there. Keeping things simple and clear can be the most effective way to sell your product. Making it over complicated and irrelevant can have a negative effect and completely defeat the object of making changes to your packaging.

Is it Clear?

Yes, simple works. As does being unique and extravagant, if it represents your brand. Although one thing that needs to be applied to all packaging is clarity. This can be the difference between the consumer remembering the product, brand and whole concept. For example, in food packaging, pizza boxes tend to either be labelled with the company logo all over the box, or have the word “pizza” and a picture of a pizza printed on the top. Despite the box being distinctive and an obvious indication to what it is (or was), these printing ideas are additional reminders to your experience with the pizza.

Does it Truly Represent Your Product / Brand?

Say you have completely re-designed your packaging. It is colourful, bold, all things that stand out and are considered unique, and looks cool! Before going with it, one question needs to be asked throughout the whole design process; Does it truly represent what you are trying to sell? Look at an iPhone box for example, it has the Apple logo on one side, with a picture of the iPhone on the top, and the name of what iPhone is it on the other side. Simple, like the iPhone, and a practical box with quality.

How can Lakeside help Your Packaging Improve and Stand Out?

Considering all of these points will help your product stand out, but be appropriate, be unique and be clear. The rest is down to you…. And us! Here at Lakeside we welcome your enquiries to our highly experienced team, to aid you in ensuring your product is Packaged, Protected and Promoted to it’s maximum potential.